The 11th UUM International Legal Conference 2021

Law reflects society and its normative values. It evolves organically in accordance with societal needs and experiences. Law is often shaped by how society perceives and responds to contemporary phenomena and exceptional occurrences. Such events, which may be domestic and global in nature, emerge from human social, political and economical activities as well as the ‘act of nature’. World Wars are an example of how political happenings can affect the society and law at national and international levels. Similarly, natural disasters and pandemics have the capability to change society and its law, in both positive and negative ways.

Coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic has indeed brought significant impacts to society in different areas and levels. In the aftermath of Covid-19, governments are pushed to re-evaluate and adjust their policies in order to embrace the emerging ‘new norms’. This challenging task perceptibly involves various considerations, as well as diverse stakeholders. Also, any adaptations must be carried out with caution and comprehensive investigation, and not just for the sake of responding. New or altered approaches must not only reactive but also effective, appropriate and responsive to current or potential predicaments. Further, it is vital for experts and policymakers to examine how far the society has to compromise its accepted values and established principle while adapting the ‘new norms’.

Accordingly, the 11th University Utara Malaysia International Legal Conference (UUMILC 2021) offers a collaborative environment to academics, researchers and practitioners to exchange and share their experiences and research results on all aspects of law with special emphasis on issues of legal diversity in the post-Covid-19. The conference will also provide a platform for the intellectuals from various fields and disciplines in law to debate and discuss the current issues worldwide as well as finding solution to the problems. The discussions will reflect the legal issues which are relevant not only to the Malaysian society but also the international community at large.

The aim of this conference is primarily to enhance the role of academics, researcher and practitioners in formulating the future of our law and legal system to suit the need of modern society in adapting ‘new norms’. It also aims to encourage academic linkages between the academicians and the researchers together with the people from the legal fraternity. It also sought to promote future co-operations among the intellectuals from various fields and disciplines.

UUMILC 2021 is built on the success of 10 past conferences organized by the School of Law, UUM College of Law Government And International Studies, Universiti Utara Malaysia. It is hoped that UUMILC 2021 will be another successful conference and that the mutual exchange of ideas among the participants will generate suggestions which can be beneficial to the field of law. It is also hoped that UUMILC 2021 will be a starting point for future discourse on the legal issues and challenges in the post-Covid-19 era.


This conference aims:

  1. To provide a platform for intellectuals from various fields and disciplines to debate and discuss contemporary issues in the era of new norms.
  2. To provide a forum among the academician, practitioners and students from all over the places to share experiences on any current legal issues.
  3. To enhance collaboration between academics and practitioners internationally as an initiative to provide better social well-being from legal perspectives.
  4. To establish international networks among the participants from various disciplines in enhancing global research excellent.
  5. To encounter any legal issues from different perspective either internationally or domestically.


The theme of this conference is “LAW AND SOCIETY: EMBRACING THE NEW NORMS”

This theme illustrates the intersection between law and society in adapting ‘new norms’ in the post-Covid-19 era. In essence, the central discussion is expected to embody constructive ideas about the impacts of the ‘new norms’ to the law and society, and how would be the best way forward.

Publication Opportunities

Extended abstract and full papers will be subjected to reviewing process by Scientific Committee and blind reviewers. Recommended papers will be considered for publication in selected Scopus or indexed journals subject to fulfillment of journal requirements by the authors and acceptance by the journal. ILC 2021 bears no responsibility should the papers rejected by the journals for failure to meet the standards and terms


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